Your Buyer Home Inspection Day Guide
November 2, 2020
What to expect during your home inspection

A home inspection is integral part of your home buying journey. Your home inspection report will help you make a sound decision regarding the purchase of your new home. This is why you need a knowledgeable, thorough and trustworthy home inspector who can detect defects, repairs and potential issues associated with the home.

What happens during a home inspection?

A meticulous and effective home inspection covers visible and accessible exterior and interior components of the property. Set aside at least 2 hours for your walkthrough with the home inspector.

During the walkthrough, the home inspector takes pictures and notes of all inspected areas of the home, and if you attend the appointment as recommended, you can gain insight and understanding of the condition of the home. Home inspectors generally don’t comment on the aesthetic components of the property unless it could potential cause structural or functional issues in the future. For instance, an inspector may point out a stain on a ceiling which could potentially indicate water damage and warrant further evaluation.

Home inspectors should be as meticulous and informing as possible, but remember, they will not be able to detect anything what isn’t unseen or readily accessible. That means hidden asbestos, pests, mold or other potentially hazardous substances might get overlooked. Fortunately, many home inspector do offer additional services that test for mold, radon and many other toxic, dangerous substances, gases and bacteria.

What happens after a home inspection?

After the home inspection is complete, the inspector often provides the seller’s real estate agent, seller, buyer agent and buyer with a detailed report with 24-72 hours. The recommended delivery method is via email so all parties have faster access to view the report, agree on what items will and will not be repaired or assessed by a professional. It is recommended to stipulate the buyer show proof of repair or assessment. Once repairs are completed with proof of repair, we recommend a re-inspection appointment to evaluate the completed repairs. This adds extra assurance and helps potentially save money, time and frustration in the long run.

After your re-inspection, the home inspector’s job within your home buying journey is usually done. However, Atlanta Metro Home Inspectors are always available to assist you after the job is done.

Contact us today to schedule your home inspection. Our team is ready and available to provide you peace of mind with a thorough, knowledgable home inspection experience.